Monday, May 11, 2020

Who are the Best Part-Time Remote Workers?

Who are the Best Part-Time Remote Workers? Smart Moms, of course, and here’s why!  

Has Covid-19 shifted your 2020 plans for your busy growing law firm?  Maybe you were planning on hiring multiple on-site full-time employees, now you’re thinking that a few part-time workers, who can work remotely, is the safer, low-risk option for your firm’s growth. 

If you need employees to work flexible schedules, remotely, with part-time hours, Smart Moms are the perfect match.  Here’s why:  

Smart Moms are multi-talented; they can fill many roles in the workplace.  They bring a wealth of skills to the virtual workplace. They are experienced paralegals, attorneys, Legal/ Virtual Assistants, IT, accountants, and bookkeepers AND they’ve worked in a variety of fields.  They bring their ENTIRE skill set to your workplace, including 5+ years of knowledge in their expertise area, leadership, management, strong communication and interpersonal skills.  

Smart Moms desire flexibility, and they offer it as well. They are seeking flexible opportunities that accommodate their lifestyle and other demands. They can work during non-traditional hours which can keep daytime business work moving. Employers need flexible workers that can ramp up or scale down depending on the work demands. It is a perfect match.

Smart Moms partner their innate collaboration skills with seasoned organizational and professional skills.  They are mothers and grandmothers, and they possess countless experiences pulling activities and families together within the home. They can “herd cats” and pivot on a moment’s notice.  This experience is directly transferrable to the work environment. Their style of leading is tied to compassion, intuition, and inspiration, which is much needed right now.

Smart Moms bring emotional intelligence to physical and virtual work environments.  They can control their emotions and help those around them even over Zoom (smile).  

Smart Moms are reliable and conscientious workers.  They enjoy contributing and doing quality work.  When given the right job that fits their lifestyle and passion, their quality of work and commitment is unbeatable.  

Our Smart Moms are educated, current, ambitious and on fire to make an impact.

Ready to find a dedicated, hard-working and flexible part-time (or full-time too) remote worker? Email and let’s schedule a brief conversation to discuss your needs.  

For over 16 years, Smart Moms LLC has helped employers find their perfect match from the rich talent pool of Smart Moms.