Monday, November 17, 2014

Virtual Assistants - Still an Option?

My good friend Angel Lebak is a very successful Virtual Assistant with a specialization in Social Media. She does quite well and has for many years. As I mentioned in the past, finding a niche is critical. Take a moment to visit her site. She also does VA training/coaching -

Many might say that VAs (real people) are going to be obsolete due to Apple's Siri and other comparable products in the future.

I do think Siri can assist with some of the tactical day to day responsibilities like setting reminders, scheduling appointments, providing directions. I don't think Siri can help with certain tasks that clearly need a human touch:

Job Title Examples:

  • Social Media Virtual Assistant: launching and monitoring Social Media campaigns on multiple social media channels
  • Customer Service Virtual Assistant: provide a warm, engaging customer service assistance for inbound and outbound calls
  • Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant: complete A/P, A/R tasks and reporting to keep a small to medium size business on track
  • Research Virtual Assistant: Online Research
  • Sales Support/Closing Virtual Assistant: Chasing/Closing Business

Below is a short list of VA positions that are currently being advertising on the internet. Study the requirements and if you qualify, apply. If you don't qualify start making a plan and execute to get you the experience you need.

Marketing Event Coordination - 1 year exp
Receptionist - 3 yrs customer service exp
Virtual Assistants and other positions

These are just 3 opportunities out of many. Take some time and search the website using keywords like "virtual assistant", "part time virtual assistant", or VA.

Remember, when you apply you have to speak to the job. Your resume, your cover letter, and the interview experience must all truthfully speak to your skills that make you qualified or closely qualified. Don't rely on the recruiter or hiring manager to make the "leap". Help them see why you are the best candidate. Don't forget to send a thank you note (paper or email) every time you have an interview!

Good Luck!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Many Telecommuting Jobs - UnitedHealth Group

Healthcare is one of the biggest industry with amazing growth in the last 10 years. This industry is expected to employ more than 16 million people by 2016. This is larger than the leisure and hospitality industry.

Based on my research, one healthcare company does a lot with telecommuting opportunities. As of Nov 1, United Health Group's website has over 262 job opportunities where telecommuting is required or may be allowed. Job titles include Clinical Administrative Coordinator, Claims Project Manager, RN Part Time Wellness Promotion, Social Worker Care Coordinator and many others.

Also, as standard practice take a moment to read the company reviews from current and past employees. I used