Friday, September 21, 2018

I am Secure with My Job but Not Fulfilled. Now What?

Job Security is defined as the chance that a person with a job will become unemployed. Potential job security can be influenced by the economy, political environment and the type of profession. According to an article published in US News in July, 2017, the jobs that have the MOST job security are: Database Administrator, Dentist, Sonographer, Mathematician, Actuary, Nurse Practitioner, Midwife, just to name few. Just with these 7 occupations, you can see why these jobs have high Job Security. They are tied to healthcare, crunching numbers and managing data. Key elements that are needed to make our world function.

Job Fulfillment is defined as the happiness you experience when you use or develop your abilities on a job (as defined on Many individuals have different interactions that make them feel happy, energized and motivated when they do their work. For some it could be a pay checks, helping others, recognition or a sense of achievement.

So the BIG question: Do you have both?

If you're lacking in job stability, there is an easy fix by studying outlook data, career ladders and understanding your transferrable skills. Once you do this quick work, you can develop a career plan that will get you to a more stable career.

If you're lacking job fulfillment let's dive deeper.

Quick Questions (Take your 7 min ME BREAK):

What makes you happy when you are doing work? Keep in mind, this can change. Over the years, what initially made us happy changes. To become aware of your job fulfillment ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. If your salary was decreased by 30% would you immediately begin looking for another job?
  2. Can you see yourself doing what you are doing 5 years from today?
  3. Do you have enough TIME to engage on the job in ways that bring you joy?

If you answered NO to 2 or more of these questions, then you may be challenged with lack of job fulfillment.

Here are the follow up questions for you to answer in your 7 minute ME BREAK:

  1. In response to quick question #1, what job would you look for if your money was decreased?
  2. In response to quick question #2, you had more TIME at work to engage in more meaningful work what tasks/functions would you do?

Do you feel you have both job security and job fulfillment? If so, let's celebrate!

If not, perhaps it is time to explore how to increase your job satisfaction by completing a detailed assessment or working with a career coach. These steps can help you develop a Career Plan that will include both.

If you feel you need a Career Coach to get better results, Smart Moms can help. Complete the Interest Form and we will be in touch.