Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Strategies If you Are Not Landing A Job

Here are some proven ways to land a job if you are a seasoned professional but have hit a roadblock.  

1.  Get Past Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)– Use the right keywords on resumes and cover letters  - Use jobscan.co to identify the keywords in a job listing and make sure they show up in the right context in your resume and cover letter/email. Also add high demand keywords into your social media profiles.   Consider Wordle to identify the top keywords.

2.  Make sure your resume is accomplishment rich!!  See Accomplishment Rich Resume Examples

3.  Setup job alerts on 2-3 of these top job sites - Glassdoor, Indeed and LinkedIn.  Use these job alerts to stay abreast of opportunities at target companies. Leverage your network for introductions and referrals.   Top Job Sites

4.  Find A Transferable Career - https://www.myskillsmyfuture.org/

5.  Network – Talk To Friends, Family, Church, Social Clubs – Strengthen your Networking Skills.  Many of the jobs available are acquired through networking methods.   Check out this Video on Networking https://youtu.be/R71wV7G99G4

6.  Visit A Trade Show or Job Fair – 10times.com  NETWORK & LEARN something new in your field.  Stay current with new knowledge and certifications.

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