Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Where Are The Jobs?

The second part of this series is to identify where the jobs are and why they are important.

As a entrepreneur in this line of work, it has not been easy to find legitimate jobs with decent pay. We averaged 20-36 great Smart Moms jobs per year. Many employers found us but we were able to uncover the best jobs by spreading the word through the business community that there are millions of mothers throughout the US who are ready to work. We spread the word by speaking at conferences, job fairs, women's networking groups and advertising and incentivizing our existing client base.

This strategy is required for any business owner to build their business plus some. Truth be told, this marketing and sales work has tired me in the last 2 years. However, education still calls my name. I am still in the business because this message about this "amazing untapped workforce" still needs to be communicated to THE WORLD. This passion is in me and I will probably continue to spread this message until I die.

Moms are not able to find enough flexible work that allows them to be peaceful, patient, loving, encouraging parents AND be a contributing part of the workforce. Our next generation is molded and developed by our mothers (fathers too!) If moms are stress because they can't find flexible work or their existing work is too stressful, the children are negatively affected. Smart Moms' mission is to make it easier for parents to maintain a foot in the work world while performing their mission of quality parenting.

From the job seekers' perspective, many moms found jobs by spreading the word about opportunities among themselves. They talked to their girlfriends (especially those that were working), they asked their husbands or significant others for introductions, they reach out to friends and acquaintances in their social and political groups They even talked to their children's principals and teachers for job leads and advice. They used their network!

There are some amazing sites that post jobs that match the moms needs for flexibility. Here are some sites that you can browse and bookmark. If you are able, set up job alerts so you can be notified when jobs are posted that match your needs.


Feel free to make comments to this post and suggest other job boards and sites that you know to be reputable. I will delete anything that is self promoting and cannot be verify as legitimate. So please save me some time and don't make recommendations you would not recommend to your grandmother.

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