Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why Is It So Hard To Find The Right Smart Moms' Job? - Part 1

After working in a small business for over eleven years, finding the right job for myself and others has been a journey. Where are the jobs, how do we create more, and what is my part as a job seeker in finding the right job?

Let's tackle the easiest question for Part 1 - What is my part as a job seeker?

Leverage who you know and "KNOW" what you know. Network, Network, Network. Networking basically means help others and tell others what you are looking for. Be willing to make introductions, encourage and coach others. It will come back to benefit you in some way. I promise! Don't help others with an intention in mind but freely!

KNOW information/skills that you possess and know how it is valuable to companies. If you have served as PTA president - you know how to ask, make pitches, manage funds, do marketing and a plethora of other skills. If you have worked a part-time job for a while in a day care/retail, your customer skills are probably off the chart. You know how to manage hectic situations and calm the most irritated individual. There are just a few examples but explore your soft skills based on what you have been doing since you been at home. Trust have more valuable skills than you think.

In a 2011-12 poll, 98% of employers rated communication skills as the top skill outweighing years of experience. Don't believe me check out this infographic:

ACTION: Make a list of the soft skills you possess that you know to be valuable. Note tangible examples of these skills in action. Use this list when you are sharing your value to your network.

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