Thursday, May 26, 2016

Virtual Jobs - Amazon

Having been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, I can appreciate and sympathize with those that work in companies that have small infrastructures. For those working or have worked in these companies, when the computer breaks or there is an IT issue YOU have to work hard to get it resolved. Software, hardware, databases and documented processes all can be difficult to navigate if standards have not been put in place. Escalation can trying especially if you are working remotely. Working at larger companies does have it's advantages.

What are your work values? Are they stability, well-defined advancement paths, support? If so, your chances are high in finding what you need in a large well-established company. Of course there are the exceptions. Do your research and check out websites like Glassdoor and CareerBliss for company reviews as part of your personalized job search research plan.

One large company that has a decent amount of virtual jobs is Amazon. The employee reviews look decent and we know that the infrastructure is in place.

Check out Amazon Jobs - Virtual.

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