Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Five Ways to Land A Job

Five Ways to Land A Job

This Blog post is targeted to the seasoned professional who has some work experience.  It could be many volunteer jobs or has a combination of volunteer and paid work experience.  Your volunteer work is valuable especially if it is applicable and should be presented in a self-promoting light on your resume, interview, networking sessions, etc.   

Here are some interesting ways to land a job if you are a seasoned professional. 

1.  Help Recruiters Find You – Use keywords on Resume and Social Media Profiles  - Use Wordle.net to identify the keywords in a job listing and make sure they show up in the right context in your resume and cover letter/email. 

2.  Network – Talk To Friends, Family, Church, Social Clubs – Strengthen your Networking Skills.  Many of the jobs available are acquired through networking methods.   Check out this Video on Networking https://youtu.be/R71wV7G99G4

3.   Visit A Trade Show or Job Fair – 10times.com.  Check with your CPA but your fee to attend could be written off as a professional development tax expense

4.  Find An Apprenticeship – MyNextMove - http://www.mynextmove.org/find/apprenticeship

5. Setup Job Alerts on 2-3 of these top job sites– http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mkl45hifd/1-linkedin-com/#gallerycontent.  Use these job alerts to stay abreast of opportunities at target companies.  Leverage your network for introductions and referrals.  

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